The services we provide in this area fully ensure the security of documents and media you have entrusted to us.

Professional destruction of company documents - why is it so important?

We offer services including secure collection and professional destruction of your documents. It is done in such a way, that the information contained the documents cannot be reproduced. The final product of the document destruction procedure is a bale of paper snips.

We can provide a reliable service for your documents’ destruction in accordance with the DIN 66399 standard, in the high-security class of P4. This means we are able to destruct especially protected and confidential data, as well as personal data that are subject to greater protection, e.g. balance sheets, payrolls, personal files, employment contracts, medical records and tax documents of individual persons.

What can we do for you?

Collect and destroy

Your documents in a professional way, using a state-of-the-art machine.

Issue a written report

Confirming the collection and destruction of documents.

Upon request

Make available a recording from the destruction procedure.


On the best way to logistically collect documents from you company location.


Ask our document consultants for details.

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